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Ben Kalra


Ben (he/him) is a student and teacher of Yoga as a means to deepen the connection between his mind, body, breath, and community. Prior to discovering Yoga, Ben was an athlete in basketball, track & field, and weight training. Years of overuse led to injuries, and Ben was forced to sit. He began a daily meditation practice, which taught him to slow down and be more mindful about how he moves his body. He then dove into his personal yoga practice for several years before completing his 200 hour training and starting his teaching journey. Ben’s goal as a teacher is to lead students through fluid vinyasa yoga that builds strength, creates flexibility, and inspires growth - both on and off the mat.

Ben has formed a home in Charlotte, NC (Native Land of Catawba Nation), and spends his time teaching yoga asana while also leading specialized workshops and travel retreats. His hobbies include photography, drinking coffee, listening to R&B music, playing with his cat, and long nature walks. Learn more at or @kalrayoga on instagram. Much love!

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