Michelle Phelps

Running, boot camp, Crossfit, spartan obstacle races, mud runs.  I have always had a love of all things fitness.  However stretching more than a few minutes after a run or right before a workout was about all that I did.  For years I had turned away from yoga thinking I was not coordinated enough.

That all changed one day when a group of my workout buddies and I decided to take a yoga class. From the very moment we walked into the door at Charlotte Family Yoga we felt welcome.  In the beginning I would dutifully come whenever I had a running or workout event.  This carried on for a few years until one day after a conversation with Diane I realized yoga was just as important as all those other activities.  I began to fall in love with my mat.  In 2017 I made the decision to begin yoga teacher training.  It was more than I could ever imagine!  More than learning yoga poses and sequences, learning more about myself and how important that was.

I desire to serve our great community.  Helping others like myself that love fitness whether that be running or CrossFit understand how yoga is so important and helps improve the other things we do not only physically but in other ways.


  • Anatomy Of Stretching

  • 200 Hour CFYC Power Yoga Training

  • 35 Hour CFYC Prenatal Yoga Training





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