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Teacher Spotlight: Page Gupton

Q.What is your favorite thing about the CFYC community?

My favorite thing about CFYC is the people. I think it's wonderful to walk into a place where you feel welcomed. It's amazing how you can be in a class, you might not know anybody, yet you and your neighbor can have a friendly conversation.

Q.Why do you practice yoga?

I always love how I feel mentally and emotionally after my practice. Having an "empty" mind sometimes is a good thing.

Yoga has not only made me stronger, but my scoliosis has actually gotten better. I also injured my knee 4 years ago and my PT told me I would never get full range of my knee, I proved him wrong.

Q.Why do you teach yoga?

I love teaching yoga! I'm a teacher at heart, I taught 5th/6th grade for 32 years,dance for several years and was a coach for 3 years Teaching has always been apart of me . It's in the blood!Now I can combine the love of yoga with teaching .

Q.How would you describe your teaching style? What can students expect when they come to your class?

While safety and alignment are always top priorities; fun, laughter and playfulness carry equal weight . Expect to laugh and not take yourself to serious.

Q.What is your advice to people who understand the health benefits of yoga, and would like to start a practice or practice more often, but have difficulty finding time?

Starting a regular yoga practice can really be quite simple. First, just put it in your mind that you are going to do it. Next, see if you can find a partner. Quite often if you have a buddy/partner that has the same goal in mind, then you are more likely going to stick with it.

Q.What are your hobbies or pursuits in addition to yoga?

I do volunteer work at my church and at a nearby assisted living facility. I even work part-time for a small company called Caring Transitions, which helps elderly citizens transfer from their homes to assisted living facilities or to smaller homes/apartments. In my spare time I love to read, do a little gardening, and when the mood hits me, I also sew. I love getting together with friends and family.

Q.What is your favorite quote?

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot

keep it from themselves.

Page teaches Gentle Yoga on Thursdays at 10am

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