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CFYC 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

Getting a yoga teacher certification is an amazing opportunity Our programs will teach you the history and science behind yoga, methodology ,anatomy and alignment of postures, meditation , breathing techniques, self-practice, leadership skills,public speaking and much more.

We provide a strong, supportive community for you to learn .


"It’s a long day. Alot of practice ...Alot of Self Reflection and Inquiry.I learned so much about myself" .CFYC Teacher Graduate

"Yoga Teacher Training is the most physically challenging program I’ve put myself into (even more so than training for a half marathon). But it’s so much more than a physical challenge. Honestly? I think the physical challenges were easy compared to the emotional challenges. As one trainee said being willing to pull the weeds is not easy." CFYC Teacher Training Graduate

"Prepare to be challenged, challenged, challenged until you transform.Yoga teacher training was so much more than I could’ve ever imagined. Yoga isn’t just about getting into a few postures that stretch our hamstrings and tighten your a*#. Yoga is a way of life. It’s a state of being. It’s a pathway to freedom and liberation. An exploration of wholeness. Yoga is a journey of epic proportions" CFYC Teacher Training Graduate

CFYC 200-Hour program will deepen your physical practice and connect you with your body in a new and more powerful way.You will expand beyond the physical practice.

The Vinyasa style we teach can be easily adapted to different levels with special attention to anatomical sequencing and skillful assists.

Our program develops your ability to effectively communicate to your students in a clear and direct way.The right language connects us to our bodies and to the bodies of our students leading to new levels of engagement and effectiveness in their practice and in your teaching.Without sacrificing consistency we teach our teacher trainees to respond to what they observe.Being a great teacher is not about saying more but seeing more.

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