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Teacher Spotlight: Emily Watson

Q.My favorite thing about the CFYC community is?

I moved here from Houston. When searching for a new yoga home the community feel was really important to me. I felt immediately welcomed and included at CFYC .

Q. Why do you practice yoga?

I love the sense of peace I feel after a practice that then carries on throughout my day. I also love the way it energizes my body and creates a positive mindset. Q. Why do you teach yoga?

My desire is to give back and share what yoga has done for me .

Q. How would you describe your teaching style? What can students expect when they come to your class?

I am goofy and silly , it is my goal to create deep, meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging for my students.

Q. What is your advice to people who understand the health benefits of yoga, and would like to start a practice or practice more often, but have difficulty finding time?

Make yourself a priority! Even if it's 5 minutes of sitting still and focusing on your breath and/or moving through a few yoga postures ; do something!

Q. What are your hobbies or pursuits in addition to yoga?

I LOVE the outdoors. I enjoy camping and hiking. I also enjoy getting crafty. I knit and crochet, sew and paint.

Q. What is your favorite quote?

"When you're on your path, the universe will conspire to help you. " Brene Brown, Rising Strong

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