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What I learned in the past year.

This Saturday we will celebrate our 6 Year Anniversary!

Yoga, in its many forms, has helped me to gain such a deeper understanding and more importantly, acceptance of life’s inevitable shifts.

Each year is another year for tremendous growth .

What I learned this past year:

No one is exempt from experiencing both the beauty and the challenges that life has to offer. Life is a school, and what we learn through that school are the lessons we are ready for, things we could not really know until we lived through them. I'm talking about experiential knowledge, not just head knowledge.Our trials and tribulations are so rich with promise. It may not seem like it at the time, but they are. Nothing is ever wasted. The potential for growth is hidden in even the most difficult of situations. Especially in the most difficult ones, because all things do indeed come bearing a gift, if we can just hang in there long enough to find it.It helps if we can accept and embrace what is. That means being open enough to let go of judgment - of yourself, and others, and even the challenge itself. That means letting go of our expectations so we can be open to the higher plan. Knowing that our life is as magical as the changing of day to night, or as beautiful as the turn of the seasons, offers me such a deep peace and the knowledge that I am part of something much bigger than my particular life situation. We are both massive and very small. When we can find the wisdom to simply let it be, we can see the innate beauty in everything, even the challenges.

Thank you all for your incredible love and support this past 6 years. I know that each of you have a choice of where you practice yoga. I appreciate you choosing CFYC.

I thank you for allowing me and my fellow CFYC staff to share our love of yoga with each of you. I feel so blessed in so many ways to be surrounded by such wonderful people everyday.

We hope to see you this Saturday . Classes FREE All DAY! Raffle Giveaways , discounted class packages and cupcakes!

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