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CFYC Helps Remove Obstacles

As a yoga teacher I hear many excuses from others who think they cannot do yoga. I used to have a few myself. But it wasn't until I finally made it to the mat that I stopped saying I couldn't do yoga entirely. As a matter of fact I stopped saying I couldn't do a lot of other things in my life.

A regular practice can remove the fears and doubts we hold about ourselves, and it can free us up to do things we never thought possible before.

Here are eight of the most common excuses(obstacles) for not practicing yoga and why CFYC helps remove them :

1. I am not flexible enough to do yoga.Many people think that you have to be flexible to practice yoga. But, yoga postures are not designed to help you contort your body like a Cirque de Soleil performer. In fact, yoga should help you become straighter, longer, and leaner–creating clean lines in the body rather than more bends and curves. Don’t you already bend over enough at your computers and cars all day long? If you practice consistently, you will become more flexible as you find more lightness and openness in your body. But flexibility is not a prerequisite for practicing yoga, nor is it a goal of the practice. The magic of yoga is that no matter how flexible you are, you can still do a full yoga practice and feel incredible (and more flexible!) after it. This is why we offer a variety of classes to meet you wherever you are.

2. Yoga will conflict with my religious beliefs. Let me begin by saying that my respect for another’s religion or belief system runs deep. I believe that we need a higher source to rely on to find comfort, peace and light, and far be it for me to suggest that one way is better than another.AT CFYC everyone who attends classes knows that they’re welcome, no matter what size, shape, shade or faith they may be, which is why we do not have alot of Buddhas or any other type of religious symbols in our studio.Traditional yoga is multi-faceted and speaks to mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is not a religion; you don’t have to believe in the whole system of yoga to benefit from a yoga practice. I like chanting alot. I have spent time at weekend chanting retreats . I know the benefits and I enjoy chanting.I also know it can be very intimidating and make students uncomfortable. Maybe even not return to my class. I keep my chanting to a simple AUM and explain that AUM can mean nothing or everything. I don't talk or preach about the Yoga sutras and I don't use alot of Sanskrit in my classes . I personally study the yoga sutras and I am fascinated with the history and science of yoga, I also know it took me awhile to get past that yoga was just physical.

3. I am too busy to do yoga! It’s in the times that you don’t have time to do yoga that you need yoga the most!We all live in a busy world with constant demands on our time and energy, being pushed and pulled in so many different directions and getting caught up in the drama and fast pace of this modern day world. This leads me up to why we are adding on more convenient times starting December . Another obstacle we will remove.

4. I can not afford yoga. We offer monthly discounted memberships, daily discounted classes and specials through out the year.Bottom line: Investment in yoga is going to be the cheapest investment you can make for your health and wellness. We want to make sure that we give you an opportunity to invest in yourself at a reasonable cost.

5. I do not have childcare. This is why we offer on site childcare for Moms and Dads or both to continue to practice.

6. Yoga studios intimidate me.I remember how terrified I was the first time I went to a yoga studio. I wondered if everyone would be watching me, secretly laughing , I felt awkward as I non-gracefully tried to contort my body into a pose. This is why we really focus on being friendly, welcoming and informative.Our teachers teach to who shows up to class.All yoga students are honored for where they are and what they are capable of, limitations and all.

7. I prefer to do "proper" exercise where I feel I have done something Deep sigh! Many people still have the huge misconception that gym work and hard-core exercise is better for your health and you get better results. I hear so often that people want something that’s more energetic because they assume yoga is not dynamic enough. I challenge anyone to go to a our Power Flow Class or Long, Slow , Deep and not feel challenged (and break a sweat!). Which is why we offer both.

8.I am too old to do yoga.We have students starting yoga for the first time at 60 years old and have students that are 82 practicing our Gentle Yoga classes. We now offer three Gentle classes a week and in December we will be adding on more.Yoga for older adults requires more intentional honoring of their body, because of limitations in the joints, balance issues and health concerns due to aging. Poses are modified and the pace is generally slower than in a typical class. Props are heavily incorporated and a hands-on approach is highly effective. Safety, self-pacing and alignment are always prioritized at CFYC no matter what class.

Yoga is not only for the young. All we can do in life is to start where we are and move forward from there.

So what's holding YOU back? Stop making excuses and creating obstacles give it a try. Wear whatever you're comfortable in, respect your body's limits and open your heart and your mind to all the possibilities. If you have taken a break ,Put in the hours on your mat and reclaim your practice.

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