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We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

One of the biggest enemies to hope is disappointment. It keeps you imprisoned in a place where you may feel stuck.While we sometimes get stuck focusing on the here and now, our present situation isn't the end of the story.We choose whether to be divided. We choose to not hold those close to us accountable. We choose how to treat the next person we come in contact with and make their day a little better or worse. We choose. Not the leaders of our nation.We choose.Focus on ultimate hope. I ask you today, tomorrow, and the next day, to join me in pausing. Pause to breathe. Pause to remember our shared humanity.

For those of us who are genuinely afraid and at risk, may this pause bring comfort and connection. My hope for us is to find the time and space to remember that we are valued, that we are loved, and that we belong to each other .

My hope is that by pausing and making the choice to move forward together,we can choose to recommit to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be safe, to be loved ,comfortable, and ultimately to be well — no matter who they voted for.

Hope is the key for your peace Hope is a stabilizing force in the storm and whispers, “Hold on to me.”



#Hope #Love


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