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Do Whatever It Takes!

We like to declare the things that matter to us. These are our priorities. These things are where we put all of our energy. But how often do we actually think about the commitments we are making to ourselves?

Most things we are committed or dedicated to are for others or extremely external.

We may be committed to our career because we like getting paid.

We are committed to our families and pets because we like to feel

that connection of oneness or togetherness.

We are committed to a cause because we want to do something beyond ourselves, for others, for the world.

When I hear someone say they are committed to their yoga practice that is something else entirely. That is a commitment to their Self.

It's an inward journey they are embarking on .It is a union like any other and not always easy to keep up with when things get tough.

Yoga is a seeking of our best selves. It takes an enormous amount of commitment to face your Self everyday and decide to love that person. To practice yoga is to seek change - change of the body, change of the mind, change ultimately of a life. It can be uncomfortable at times, it can also be painful as we release past injuries, fears, and insecurities, but it also can be exhilarating as we realize all that is possible for our lives, stretching indeed for our highest potential.

Stay committed. Know the road ahead might not always be easy, but being dedicated to your growth as an individual is a selfless act,

for as you reach for a better life you begin to have the capacity to truly affect great change in the life of others.


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