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Why fit in?

My daughter has this book called Girl Power. One of the stories is about Viola a princess. She was no ordinary princess because she spent her time Karate chopping, skateboarding and diving .

Her mother And Father wanted her to be prim and proper like all the other princesses. One day they enrolled her into Princess camp . The first lesson was the Royal wave , Viola did the Karate chop instead.The next lesson was to walk with flair , viola wanted to dive into the pool instead and the final lesson was dancing , Viola wanted to skateboard. Viola was exhausted trying to fit in with the other princesses. She felt she was a royal failure.

But then....A big green dragon came into the camp and because Viola was no ordinary princess she gave the best Karate chop she had and the dragon stopped mid-puff. She used her skateboard to spin around the dragon to make him dizzy and she dived into the water so he would fall off in the water. Viola saved the day.

There is this underlying pressure in our society to fit in. If we are not careful , there will always be someone or something making us feel we 're not up to par. I truly believe that we all have unique gifts such as Viola something that will propel you into your destiny , something that will cause you to leave your mark on this generation.

When your not competing,not comparing,not trying to be something that you're not , life gets a lot freer. It takes all the pressure off.

Don't compare yourself. Celebrate yourself.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out ~Dr Seuss

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