• Diane Cevallos

Take Flight

There are times in in our lives when things are not changing as fast as we would like.

Those moments when it feels like you’re working hard and things just aren’t happening.

Our finances haven't turned around, we have not met the right person or gotten the right job.We feel alone, forgotten as though our situation is never going to change.In those times we have to remind ourselves that we are truly not in control.In yoga, we put emphasis on the importance of letting go, relinquishing the need to control and learning to trust that things will simply unfold as they should.That just because you don't see anything happening does not mean that nothing is happening.

Paulo Coelho has the most powerful quote "When you want something; all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

When things are not working for you or you feel that maybe your heading in the wrong direction, that life is spinning out of control ...don't get discouraged . You may not see anything happening but know that the universe is at work.

Keep moving forward in faith, keep believing and trust that your wings are developing. You're about to take off in flight to a new level.

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