• Vicie Moran

Yoga Love vs. Hair Love

My hair is thick, chemically straightened

highlighted, with the quarterly all over color, because my gray hairs won't let me be great! On top of that, I love styling my hair as well; blow dryers, flat irons, and hair clips make me feel pretty! I also love Hot Yoga, with all of it's wonderful detoxing, mind relaxing and muscle toning benefits!

Unfortunately my two loves are in a state where they want to place nice in the sandbox! How can I calmly set my intention when my mind is racing about how my hair will look for the next 2-3 days!?!

My current practice includes at least 2-3 days a week of heated or Hot Power Yoga and two days of additional cardio (stair stepper, 3 miles, 5 biking miles, or elliptical).

The salt from the sweat left in my hair from my routine left my hair shedding, my color fading, and my edges and ends rough!

As an African-American, I usually wash my hair once every other week. I changed to once a week to see if it would slow down the shedding, but alas, I was in the red zone with my hair. Red zone is that emergency state where only a professional can fix what's messed up and you stay up all night googling Biotin vitamins, hair serums, and anti-breakage treatments!

Since my health, yoga practice, and self care are important to me, I decided to make a few recurring appointments with my local hair stylist for damage control and get a few tips on keeping my hair manageable between salon visits while practicing regularly:

1. Protect your edges with a light oil (coconut oil - the mother of all beneficial oils) before your workout

2. Leave hair loose (as possible, without it being all over your face) and free to breathe during your workout .

3.After your workout, wash your hair! If you only wash every other week, lightly blow your hair dry and apply an small amount of oil to replenish the moisture!

4.Drink lots of water and hydrate from the inside out!

That’s it! Don’t let a bad hair regime deter your yoga practice!

Its my sincere hope that this regime allows you to set your intention without distractions! Wishing you a week of wonderful works! Vicie

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