• Diane Cevallos


Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush that people get stepping into this majestic ride, preparing themselves for the unknown turns to come.Or maybe it’s the excitement they feel as the roller coaster inches up ever so slowly to the highest point of the ride, and upon reaching the top you get to view the world from an entirely new perspective.

Still maybe, it’s the feeling they get after the ride. A feeling of accomplishment and exhilaration.

None of that is me.I am one of those that feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest standing in line.My palms are sweaty and the fear locks my hands to the safety bar like super glue Even as we climb, I dread the fall and then, I am falling. I am clinging white-knuckled, screaming I’m both convinced it will never end and convinced it’s going to end immediately with my sudden and excruciating death. I wish I could do something to stop it. I’m praying that I live through it, praying that it’s over soon. My neck is stiff because I tense up so much ,my voice is gone and my face hurts because my eyes are closed so tight .And then it ends.My daughter loves roller coasters and looks at me and says”Did you love it?” my response was “I loved being with you”. I was thinking I didn’t enjoy one single second of it.

I think it is safe to say I do not enjoy roller coaster rides.

Life feels like a roller coaster ride sometimes.Whenever we begin a new phase in our life it's like the phase of the roller coaster .A new job, new partnership, new house, kids going to college, marriage and even a new school feels like the phases of riding a roller coaster.The time slowly comes upon us and comes to its peak …..We are nervous about the unknown future.We are rarely ready for all the big drops and turns that it will inevitably make.

Life is no different.

We do have a choice in how we approach the ride ,those high and lows and unexpected turns.

We can go into these new phases tense , heart pounding , screaming with eyes closed , resisting change or we can keep our eyes open , maybe raise our hands up and enjoy the ride.

Does that change my view on roller coasters? Unfortunately not… however rollercoasters remind me that I do have a choice in how I approach the ride of life.

Love, Diane

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