• Diane Cevallos

Deep Roots

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.” –Dolly Parton

Recently I went to Dollywood with my daughters. My oldest noticed this quote at the gift shop and she asked me what it meant.

I explained that trees need the wind to blow against them, which in turn causes their root systems to grow deeper into the soil, the deeper the roots the stronger the tree.

It's not just one storm, though, that helps a tree grow deeper and stronger where it stands. It's several storms over time.

I think Dolly Parton was saying that storms(challenges) in life make us stronger .

How do we see our challenges as blessings instead of burdens?An opportunity instead of an inconvenience?

We can still learn a great deal from the nature of a tree while going through our storms(challenges).

Watch how a tree bends and sways gracefully when the wind blows against it. It does not stand rigid, resisting the flow of energy.

There are going to be times when life throws us things that we aren’t expecting.

Any time we try to control something(rigid) we resist the flow.

In flow we sway gracefully through the challenges, we bow rather than fight, we lean in rather than break and in return we root ourselves firmly in the moment.

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