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Halloween Is Not Just For Kids

The end-of-the-year holiday extravaganza kicks off with Halloween!You may have already been to the pumpkin patch and put up decorations. This is the one time of year where it is fun to be scared and scare others! And we get to combine two pretty awesome things – candy and dress up. If you’ve ever been to the studio and grabbed a chocolate on the way out, you know that here at CFYC we know a little bit about how much fun candy can be. Of course, we know a little something about kids, too. In addition to offering Kids play at our new location, we will have a yoga program for kids, and tweens so we can get the kiddos excited about yoga from an early age.

Though it is not always fun to see kids hopped up on sugar – especially when they’re your kids and it is past bedtime – but they more than make up for it by dazzling us with the active use of their imaginations. In their minds they really become lions, pirates, and fairies. I think just one of the things that makes kids so stinkin’ cute is their ability to commit to imaginations without fear. Let the kids inspire you I think we are too quick to put all of that childish enthusiasm and fearlessness behind us. In the name of being “mature” and “responsible”, we don’t pretend to be ballerinas, cast spells, or roar like lions (unless, of course, you’re Katy Perry). Don’t forget that Halloween is not just for kids – it is a time for us as adults to let our hair down and imagine.

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