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Yoga is for any BODY

I recently read an article on yoga and the author said “Yoga is for any body.” Not anybody, but any body. I love that! It’s been proven that yoga can improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. A regular practice may help with balance, strength, manage arthritis pain and inflammation, improve sleep quality, and even help manage depression. I can attest to all of these, except arthritis. (Thank goodness.)

Balance is one of the first things we lose as we get older. (Yes, I said WE. I am a proud senior! I even go for all the senior discounts I can get!) That’s why certain yoga poses, such as tree pose or chair pose are beneficial and can improve balance.

A yoga practice is full of exercises that help you build muscle, which can make daily activities easier. During practice, you’re strengthening your core muscles such as your legs, hips, abdominals, chest, shoulders, spine and neck. THAT, my friends, can help keep you active, longer. I’ve had a regular yoga practice for several years and I’m actually a half inch taller!

The main reason I started practicing yoga on a regular basis is because of a severe knee injury. After 9 months of excruciating physical therapy, I was finally released and was told that I would never be 100%. I could only bend my knee 80 degrees, walked with a “gimp,” and then the depression set in. A friend invited me to a free yoga class at her church and it literally changed my life; physically and spiritually. Not only do I have full range of movement in my knee, but I was moved to become closer to my Lord and Savior.

I became a yoga instructor and teach yoga WITH and TO a wonderful group of people. Not only can you increase strength and flexibility, but it can help you emotionally and maybe even spiritually. Quite honestly, there’s nothing better than listening to long sighs from students at the end of Savasana. So, if you’re thinking about trying yoga, quit thinking and just do it.

Breathing and meditation practices can influence emotional states, and yoga's guiding principles can counter toxic emotions such as anger and hostility. When practiced with others, yoga may also help relieve loneliness and isolation, which is common among seniors. While research on yoga's impact on seniors is in its infancy, a growing body of evidence suggests that yoga offers a host of physiological and psychological benefits .

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