• Amber Gabriel

You are your best health advocate

In 2007 I was struggling with acid reflux, I went to my primary physician who wanted to prescribe me medication at age 27.

This is where I started to take control of my health.

I researched and read many books, from my favorite functional medicine doctors.

I cured my own acid reflux by eliminating tomatoes, dairy, chocolate, etc.

NO Medication

After a year trying to conceive and learning that infertility is a a sign the body is out of balance and most likely something is off in the body or toxins are disrupting your reproductive systems, for men/women. I then started to make some major lifestyle changes .

A doctor told me to try yoga to lower stress levels . I attended my first power yoga class and from that day on I knew yoga would be a lifelong journey!

We were told we would never have children.After some additional dietary and lifestyle changes and strong faith ,Our God had other plans!!!!

Birth order

  1. Family adoption

  2. Twins 2010

  3. Surprise blessing 2017

I became a health coach in 2013. My passion has been raising tiny super humans,helping friends, and family members along the way. I am a podcast, research, book reading junkie.

I am a believer that every human has a unique body and purpose.

What works for me would never work for my husband or neighbor. You have to be willing to try and see what happens and have FUN while your experimenting!!

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