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Reality of teaching yoga is that each student comes to the practice of yoga uniquely .

If your teaching public classes where it is anyone’s guess who might show up , you should anticipate having a diverse array of students, student conditions and student intentions in your classes;serious students for whom a yoga practice is essential to daily life , spiritual seekers,athletic warriors,every age , every interest and every physical condition.

Keeping your students safe and healthy is the most important thing.

If you teach them well, your students will follow you (hopefully) for years. They (and you) will suffer heartbreak, bone breaks, survive falls, childbirth, ankle sprains, and simply labor away at computers and other devices 8 or more hours a day.

They will ask for your advice after joint replacements, spinal surgeries, dislocated shoulders, knee replacements  and pregnancies. Your capacity to respond with grace, appropriate guidance and wisdom is a must.

There’s a lot to learn about the human body and it's easy to get overwhelmed. As a yoga teacher, it’s helpful to remember that the biggest reason to discuss anatomy is to facilitate a healthy practice and help students understand what’s going on in the body.

This is what inspires me to learn, read and study anatomy.

Knowing anatomy is the foundation for physical safety upon which you can layer all the other goodness you know,variations, props and mindful sequencing .

Most of all, recognize that understanding this information takes time and is  a life-long endeavor.


Join me (Diane ) October 22nd for Alignment And Assist.


Before we get into assisting we will dive into functional anatomy .


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