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Yoga Girls Tribe
A Non-Profit Sponsored by Charlotte Family Yoga

We created the Yoga Girls Tribe to love, support, empower and uplift our girls (ages 5 - 12) by sharing the tools to love themselves and others, understand and deal with emotions, and actively give back to the community as leaders using yoga!

This program began as a 6-week Kids Yoga series in the studio, devoted to girls aged 9-12.  Each session, the girls formed a “sister circle” and began confiding in each other weekly about deep issues impacting their little worlds such as bullying, self doubt and anxiety.  After going through the series a few times during 2019, my business partner, Kara Vincent, and I were heart broken that girls were experiencing these feelings at age 9!  Then we questioned our business and it’s impact thinking -  how many more girls would benefit from this program if it wasn’t $150?!  How can we make this more accessible to ALL girls that need an outlet to share, breath, be creative and move their bodies?  

Fast forward to 2020 when there was nothing but time on our hands to think outside the box!  Let’s shift the Yoga Girls Tribe into a non-profit, have our studio, Charlotte Family Yoga, sponsor the program (providing space and advertising), and raise money so the program is accessible for ANY girl that is interested!   This model proved effective as we have now hosted 4 series under the non-profit with a sliding scale from $75 - $150 for 6 weeks!  The girls enjoy crafts (usually this is their favorite), an intentional “fire-side chat” led by Kara or Vicie, a full yoga practice and time to just be themselves and let go!

Check out the Workshops and Events Page to sign up for the next offering!

Click here if you would like to donate directly to Yoga Girls Tribe

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