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CFYC Kids Yoga

Ready for your little ones to connect with their breath, practice mindfulness, AND play?! Join us for our Kids Yoga Program!  This rotating 6-week program includes outdoor time (weather permitting!), a fun yoga class, and tips on mindfulness off the mat!  We encourage our #cfycminis to play in their yoga practice using Silly Snakes (Cobra Pose), Scary Cats (Cat/Cow), barking in Downward Dog, flutter our wings in butterfly or Lion's Breath! 

Here are our next set of Kids Yoga events:

  • Kids Aerial Workshop - October 13th @ 5:45 PM and November 10th @ 5:00 PM

  • Mommy and Me (Mom and Babies Ages 0 - 18 months) - October 14th @ 11:00 AM

  • Halloween Themed Kids Yoga - October 30th @ 5:45 PM

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