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What Class Should You Take?

If you are new to yoga, we recommend starting with Slow Flow; Long, Slow, Deep; Gentle Yoga; or Deep Stretch. Please let our teachers know about any injuries or special needs you may have prior to your practice.


We have wonderful teachers here at our studio and recommend that you try them all!

Heated Classes:

We offer Heated Deep Stretch and Heated Long, Slow, Deep for beginners. If you take a heated class, please drink lots of water before, during, and after class.

What to bring:

We suggest comfortable work-out type attire (yoga

pants/leggings, athletic shorts, light athletic shirts). Please bring water, a hand towel, and a yoga mat. We offer mats, towels, and Yogitoes for rent or purchase. 

Arrive early:

Head to the studio at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class. Arriving early gives you a chance to fill out paperwork, take off your shoes and socks and place them in the cubbies, and set up your mat (usually back of the room for new students, so you can see forward). There are no shoes allowed inside the practice rooms. The studio doors are shut and locked 5 minutes after class time begins for the safety of our students and their belongings. 


Yoga is a PRACTICE.  Your practice will constantly evolve and change based on your own needs. 

We  recommend listening to your body.

Your yoga is very much an individual experience.