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Page Gupton


I am a retired school teacher of 32 years.  After retiring from CMS, I started attending yoga classes at a local church in order to help with strengthening and stretching the area around my knee from a prior injury.  I enjoyed it so much that I decided to become a certified yoga teacher and combine my years of teaching school with love for yoga.

My particular interest in teaching yoga is to provide a safe, supportive, and gentle environment that provides students an opportunity to increase flexibility, strength, and learn to relax, which all broaden opportunities to fully participate and engage in the life they want.

I am also what you would call a “teacher in training” for Mindful Yoga for Cancer.  It’s a dream of mine to help people who are going through cancer treatment.

When I am not practicing or teaching yoga I’m reading, sewing, exercising, visiting friends and family, especially my grandson, or doing things to my home.

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