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Yoga On The Mat Prepares Us For Yoga Off The Mat

When someone talks about yoga, the first images that come to mind are studios filled with people, their yoga mats, blocks, towels, and, for me, the smell of lavender (a signature scent at Charlotte Family Yoga). But what if I told you that practicing yoga in a studio is only one way to practice. Yoga is more than a studio. It can be practiced anywhere at any time, with or without a mat.

As a high school teacher, I use yoga breathing techniques to start off classes after lunch. By doing this, I can help my students refocus my students on the task at hand. I personally like to practice yoga outside in nature. My morning routine includes yoga on my balcony, followed by reading, and a cup of coffee. My new favorite way to practice yoga, however, includes nature, water, and a stand-up paddleboard!

Have you tried yoga on a paddleboard? If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga combines the sport of paddleboarding with yoga poses. SUP in itself is an interesting task. You are on a large, very buoyant board that looks and feels like a surfboard. It requires a little bit of a balancing act to stand up, something I still haven’t mastered, but don’t worry, you are in a life vest and anchored in a place the teacher chooses to hold class.

Charlotte Family Yoga Center offered a SUP yoga class in June and I jumped on board! From the first pose to the last, I fell in love with it. Now, there were some poses I just didn’t feel comfortable with, but I attempted them all and felt so empowered and relaxed. In addition, SUP was a nice workout that led to my legs, core, and arms being sore in the days after!

Often times, we can get stuck in a routine so it’s nice to mix up your yoga practice and challenge yourself. SUP yoga is beginner friendly. They show you the dos and don’ts of paddleboarding before sending you on your way. All the yoga poses our teacher used were ones used many times in our studio!

If you’re worried about falling in the water, don't...we have all had a few close calls or ended up in the water. Just ask Vicie, Lori, or Amelia! Oh, and if you’re nervous about the critters that live in the water, no worries there either. Where we practice SUP yoga, there aren’t any water creatures present :-)

Charlotte Family Yoga Center will be offering one more Paddle Fit class on August 31. There are only a few spots left so don’t wait! Click here to sign up --->​

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