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Popular Music in Yoga?

Have you ever been in a workout class without music? If you have, we need to talk. The only way you’re getting me to work that hard for a workout is by making me forget that I’m sweating with some beats that move me. When it comes to yoga, however, one doesn’t think of music unless it’s soothing and relaxing, but have you ever taken one of Charlotte Family Yoga Center’s Power Mix classes? Our teachers are on point with the music.* Amelia likes to mix it up week to week from modern day hits to hits from way back when. Kiesha also likes to mix it up too. Her homage to Prince on his birthday is one of my favorite classes. Every single person in the room was moving and/or singing along to the music.

Music can be uplifting in a power yoga class. With the right beats, you can be doing a yoga sequence while jamming out and you forget that your arms, or legs, are shaking because Kiesha put you deeper into a pose. When I asked Amelia (who teaches Hot Power Mix on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays) how she selects her music for classes, she said she thinks about what music is upbeat and would match the sequences she’s put together for class that day. “It can be a lot of fun looking and thinking about the music for class,” said Amelia. You never know what exactly you’re going to get. I personally love the 80s, 90s, and 2000s playlists Amelia has come up with. They are incredibly fun and upbeat so you forget how much you’re working in her classes. 

Another one of our wonderful teachers that uses music is Lynn. She created a class that featured music from different musicals. Just imagine walking into a workout class and hearing “My Shot” from Hamilton the musical, or “La Vie Boheme” from Rent the musical. The creativity and planning it takes to put together a playlist that matches the class while inspiring our members to push themselves and sink deeper into poses is no joke. I, for one, appreciate and love the outcome. Music can be a way for all of us to just have fun with our workouts so why not include it in a yoga class? 

*Disclaimer - Not all teachers at CFYC use music in their classes. Some use tranquil music to relax, some don’t use music at all. I do highly recommend trying out all the classes with our wonderful teachers to decide for yourself which ones you like.

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