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Power Mix Magic

When I mention that I’m making playlists for my yoga classes, people look at me like, what?!? How is

that yoga? Guys, the practice of yoga is deep and wide. There are so many schools and lineages of

yoga...we will save that discussion for Yoga Basics or a yoga philosophy class!

Music/Yoga - two of my absolute favorite things! If you’ve taken a 6:00 am class at the studio in the last year, you would walk in to the tunes bumping loud and the tempo upbeat! In my Power Mix classes, we move with the breath and the beat. Music frees the mind and allows me to push the shopping list out of my head and connect my body’s breath and movements.

So how do you create a magical playlist? First, you start with a genre, theme or intention. Naturally, you gravitate to your favorite genre - I’ve made so many Pop playlists, I had to start dating them to

remember which was which! I’ve had a Lauren Hill/Aretha Franklin mix, a Whitney/Mariah mix, and a 70s/80s/and 90s mix! Once the intention/genre is selected, I spend time adding songs to playlists, then intentionally placing the tunes in order for a meditation, warm-up, building heat, then cool down. You want the tempo to agree with your sequence so it takes careful alignment to ensure you are not heading into savasana with a fast song playing!

So that’s the Magic - Here are a few of my favorite playlists! Join me every Thursday at 5:15 for Power Express set to an intentional playlist!

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