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Yoga Girls Tribe, a Non-Profit Sponsored by Charlotte Family Yoga!

Yoga Girls Tribe is a non-profit sponsored by Charlotte Family Yoga created to love, support, empower and uplift girls ages 5-12 by sharing the tools to love themselves and others, understand and deal with emotions, and actively give back to the community as leaders using yoga. Kara Vincent and Vicie Moran saw the opportunity for Yoga Girls Tribe from their initial Kids Yoga series at Charlotte Family Yoga when, during the sessions, the girls (ages 9-12) confided in one another about deep issues impacting their little worlds - bullying, negative self talk, and body image issues. That's when the idea to make this opportunity more accessible to ALL girls that need an outlet to share, breath, be creative and move came to Vicie and Kara.
Charlotte Family Yoga sponsored the program by providing space, advertising and an avenue to raise money so the program could be accessible to any girl interested. They have now hosted 4 series for the girls to enjoy crafts, an intentional "fire-side chat", a full yoga practice, and time to just be themselves and let go. The program is only going to continue to impact young girls this year with plans to grow and expand the program within community spaces and schools. You can help by joining them on December 13th at 5:45 PM for a DropSound Rocket Yoga class with Jaimis Huff at Charlotte Family Yoga to celebrate Vicie's 40th birthday and all proceeds will benefit Yoga Girls Tribe! You can also give to Yoga Girls Tribe by following the LINK.
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