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Robin Blackwell


Over 10 years ago, I found yoga through a lunchtime yoga program offered by my employer. When Charlotte Family Yoga Center (CFYC) opened its doors in 2010, I was eager to become one of its practitioners. Before long, I developed a consistent physical yoga practice and a sincere desire to learn more.

Over the years, this ancient practice, its principles and powers have guided me to a place that allows me celebrate who I really am. As a result, I have deepened my connection to my Higher Power and I actively embrace all the Joy this life has to offer . I credit my yoga practice with changing the trajectory of my life and and every day, I am deeply grateful.

Through CFYC’s education programming, I completed Assisting and Alignment training in 2013, followed by the completion of my 200 Hour Teacher Training in May 2015.
I teach Slow Flow, Deep Stretch, Long, Slow Deep and Power Yoga. I am driven by a deep connection to the CFYC community and I am personally committed to the empowerment and progress of EVERY student I teach.

Today, I work full time in the Financial Services industry and I share my life with the best dog ever, Professor Tisdale. When I’m not teaching yoga, I love to travel with my yoga mat, domestically and internationally.

I am strong supporter of the arts, music and the Carolina Panthers.

Above all things, I am forever a student and I am honored to share what I learn with my students. It’s an honor to serve and I look forward to the future with joyful anticipation.


2017-2018 training

  • Laugha Yoga Teacher Training – March 2017

  • Restorative Yoga for Resilience: Healing Race Based Trauma for People of Color – November 2017

  • Yoga for 12 Step Recovery - Y12SR – Leadership Training – December 2017

  • Chair Yoga: A Workshop for Teachers - July 2018

  • Living the Myth: An Exploration of the Bhagavad Gita - August 2018

  • Yoga as a Peace Practice – August 2018

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