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Caroline Gunning


Caroline began practicing yoga over 10 years ago as a student at the UNCC recreation center. Coming from a background in athletics and dance, the mind-body connection inherent in yoga deeply resonated with her. Over time, her passion for yoga grew, leading her to complete her 200-hour training in 2020 with Bella Vita in Charlotte, NC. Initially, her goal was to deepen her own practice, but she soon found joy in sharing yoga with her community through teaching.

In her classes, Caroline employs an invitational approach, allowing students to explore postures in their own unique bodies. She emphasizes breath work, mindfulness, and encourages her students to remain present on their mats.

Originally from Charlotte, Caroline currently lives in the Oakhurst neighborhood with her husband Joe, their dog Bandit, and four chickens. Alongside her career as an accountant, a field in which she earned a dual major in Finance and Accounting from UNCC in 2015, she integrates yoga and mindfulness into the corporate environment. In her free time, she enjoys painting, gardening, and hiking. She is also dedicated to animal welfare, frequently volunteering and fostering for local animal rescues

Fun fact: I have four pet chickens.

Favorite quote: (It is more of a mantra) Don’t worry, be” - unknown

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